North Florida Payroll Services Client Testimonials

North Florida Payroll Services Client Testimonials

Documentation Beats Conversation . . . Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying.

"We were with a well known, national payroll provider for many years before we switched to South Florida Payroll Services. We are so glad that we did! Our payroll processing time has gone from a full day to under an hour. They have really simplified the process for us and the service is exceptional." – Frank Zaffere of The Quarterdeck; many locations throughout South Florida

"Choosing South Florida Payroll Services was one of the best decisions that we made when starting our new business. We interviewed several different payroll companies before ultimately selecting South Florida as our payroll company. We choose them because they guaranteed there service. We stay with them because our payroll is always timely, accurate and processed with no hassles." –Anthony Demaio of Mojo Restaurant; Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We are a growing business and do not have the time stay current with all the federal & state payroll rules and regulations. South Florida Payroll is always there for us when we have a question or an issue. The service at South Florida Payroll is the best we have ever had. They have become more than just a vendor to us, South Florida Payroll is an integral part of our business." – Mike West of Broward Elevator; Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We had a situation last year where we forgot to pay a key employee his bonus. To make matters worse, our employee had already left for a 10 day vacation and really needed the money. South Florida Payroll went out of their way to make sure the employee got his money less than a few hours later. You just can’t get that kind of dedication anywhere else. They made me a customer for life that day." – Fran Mallee of Compression Components and Service; Warminster, PA

"Our company was with employee leasing for many years before we met South Florida Payroll. We were reluctant to switch but decided that it could not hurt to entertain a quote from a new payroll vendor. We were amazed at the amount of money we saved in choosing South Florida Payroll. Now we have all the same products and services that we were used to and a real relationship with our payroll company." – Tammy Austin of Buckner, Shifrin, Rice and Etter; Miami, FL

"Rodriguez FT Studios has two locations and I am very busy running between the stores all the time. South Florida Payroll works hard for me to make sure that payroll is easy. It is so nice that with all things that I have to do I no longer have to worry about payroll." – Kim Rodriguez of Rodriguez FT