Attendance and Payroll Tax Processing

Attendance and Payroll Tax Processing

Helping your organization to run as efficiently as possible is our goal. Our expertise is payroll and HR software development. The technology we provide your business will streamline your payroll tax filing, pay payroll consistently, lower your labor costs and provide you timely reports on the information you need. We understand small business tax laws, how to find the best workers compensation rates and guide clients with the most up to date information concerning all payroll matters.

Input Options

North Florida Payroll Service clients have the flexibility of choosing from among several convenient payroll input methods (the methods are listed in order of most accurate to least accurate):

Soon after payroll is processed a multitude of standard reports are available including your GL Report, 401k Report, Workers’ Comp Report, Labor Distribution Report, Turnover Report, Average Hours Worked Report and more. Each report is available in Excel and PDF Formats.

Direct Deposit

Do you wish to deposit your net paycheck into one account, or do you want your paycheck split into 100 separate accounts? Or maybe you’re interested in North Florida Payroll Paycard,another easy and convenient way to get paid? No matter what your personal choice is, North Florida Payroll Service is here to handle all your direct deposit requests. In addition to being able to process unlimited account splits, we also provide next-business-day direct deposit — a rare service among all payroll companies.

Timeclock Software makes Job Costing Easy

By accurately tracking time, reporting on labor distribution, overtime, unused deductions, accrued hours and the company’s liability, you can better manage your labor and project costs. South Florida Payroll Services lowers your payroll costs as we typically charge less than our competitors, and you only pay one invoice per payroll for the services used. Use our time and attendance tracking software to make job costing easy.

Employee Deductions and Garnishments

Let North Florida Payroll Service relieve you of the hassles of dealing with child support orders, levies, and other garnishments. We handle employee deductions and make timely payments to the garnishing authorities. Whether your deductions are for garnishments, health care benefits, advances or uniforms– just to name a few, North Florida Payroll Service has got you covered.

PTO Tracking

At North Florida Payroll Service, we feel that your employees are your greatest asset. They work hard for you every day, and so you want to make sure they all get paid accurately for the time off they’ve earned. Like so many other things in an employer's life: it’s easier said than done. When you allow North Florida Payroll Service to track your employees’ sick, vacation, and personal time based on your own PTO policy, you’ll feel like you just went on vacation yourself: a vacation from yet another administrative headache.

Our goal is to be an asset to your business—your time is valuable and should not be spent on payroll details. Leave the details to us and go about building your business!


  1. 100% Satisfaction. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We guarantee you a stress-free payroll service. Our motto is “Gross to Net with no sweat!”
  2. Payroll Conversion Guarantee. We promise you a smooth integration process. We’ve integrated hundreds of new clients and have developed a process that works! If we don’t meet this goal of smooth integration we will give you the first month’s  processing of your payroll free.
  3. On-Time Processing Guarantee. We promise to process and deliver your payroll in a timely way. If we do not deliver on the agreed-upon date, we will refund your fee for the entire month.
  4. 100% Accuracy Guarantee. We promise that our payroll service will be 100% accurate. If we do not process your payroll 100% accurately based on the information you submit, we will refund your fee for the entire month.
  5. No Payroll Tax Penalty Guarantee. As long as your payroll information is submitted accurately and your account is properly funded, we guarantee you no payroll  tax penalties.
  6. 30-Minute Callback Guarantee. If you don’t reach a live person when you call during regular business hours, we promise to call you back within 30 minutes.

Download North Florida Payroll and Tax Processing Information [PDF]