Required Labor Law Posters

Required Labor Law Posters


Labor Law PostersIf your business has one or more employees, the US Department of Labor and the State of Florida both require you to post information about laws and regulations governing employment. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant fines by both the US Department of Labor and the State of Florida.

North Florida Payroll Services, as your payroll provider, wants you to remain in compliance. That’s why we provide you with 2 options to purchase your posters as well as our guarantee that your posters are in compliance.

Many businesses in South Florida have employees whose primary language is Spanish. That’s why we offer all our posters and documents in both English and Spanish. For those employers with Creole-speaking employees, we also offer Creole language posters and documents.

Labor Laws are issued from different departments of the United States government as well as the State of Florida. The Employment Law Posters we offer cover all the major areas of concern—and offer you a convenient “one-stop” solution.

Contact North Florida Payroll to order your 2020 Labor Posters to remain in compliance!

Todos los Derecho Laboral annunciantes son disponible en espanol.

If you have already paid, you can download Labor Law posters in English or Spanish.